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An unknown Linux secret that turned SSRF to OS Command injection.

A weird approach to escalate the Server-Side Request Forgery

In WebSecurity, APISecurity, Mar 17, 2021

Hack crypto secrets from heap memory to exploit Android application.

Due to the short time of development, The developers only focus on the building feature, functionalities and UI components. But they may…

In AndroidSecurity, MobileAppPT, Dec 22, 2020

Android Hacking Fundamentals -Part-2.

By defalut production build of Android (that’s what you have on your phone until you unlock the bootloader and flash the phone with …

In MobileAppPT, AndroidSecurity, Dec 18, 2020

Let’s pen-test make easier with raw0xy.

raw0xy is a python script, takes a file that contains raw HTTP request and a proxy route. Then the script will parse the raw HTTP request…

In WebSecurity, APISecurity, Dec 16, 2020

Android Hacking Fundamentals -Part-1.

Before learning about the android application hacking, it is necessary to understand the fundamental concepts of android application files, components and how the different components...

In AndroidSecurity, MobileAppPT, Sep 27, 2020

Weird “Subdomain Take Over” pattern of Amazon S3.

Even though you have an idea on the subdomain takeover via AWS S3. In this write-up, I will show the non-typical way of S3 subdomain

In WebSecurity, CloudSecurity, May 31, 2020

Every Bug Bounty hunter should know the evil smile of the JSONP over the browser’s Same Origin.

JSONP stands for JSON with Padding. It is a JavaScript technique to request the data from the server and can access without worrying about

In WebSecurity, APISecurity, Apr 06, 2020

A secret note to Bug hunters about URL structure and its parsers.

Understanding the proper URL structure is important to every Bug bounty hunter. So lets go deep dive into the URL structure.

In WebSecurity, Mar 14, 2020